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He's Just Not That Into You poster

He's Just Not That Into You

In Baltimore some stories as which heroes young people in search of love act are in parallel developed. Dzhi-Dzhi – the girl seeking to find the only thing with which will carry out for the rest of the life. She can't understand why the next young man with whom it had an appointment, doesn't call back to it, and unexpectedly receives the answer from Alex – the owner of bar where it often happens. Over time she understands that she likes Alex, only hardly he shares its feelings.

And Connor, that guy who Dzhi-Dzhi didn't call back, can't understand why Anna who interested him doesn't hurry to improve the relations. And that Connor acquainted Anna with the friend Ben ready to fool around, too doesn't help it to approach with the girl. At the friend Ben by the name of Nile too everything is difficult: he is in the long relations with Bat, but, despite mutual love, doesn't want to marry it. Whether these people will find the happiness or and will remain in fruitless searches of love?

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