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Kill Switch

Foreseeable future. The mankind reached new tops in the sphere of development of the Universe. The best scientific minds sought to glance in the most remote corners of space, without suspecting that "excessive curiosity" is capable to lead to unforeseen consequences. Long ago doubts that the person not the only reasonable being on immense open spaces disappeared. However, unruly researchers lost sight of an essential fact. To not all forms of a matter to liking idea of establishment of contact with people. When the understanding of the fatal mistake made by experimenters earlier came the situation was catastrophic for all human race.

Now to correct that tens researchers did, it is necessary to one person. The future of the planet depends on the pilot of the spaceship. The man is rather skilled in the field of activity, but tasks which he should solve now, cause serious difficulties. However, substance which it happened to face, is so poorly studied that is capable to nonplus even academicians. The situation is complicated by that circumstance that alien beings show obvious aggression. Opening by almost exact copy of Solar system parallel brought, being, could become revolutionary scientific break. Actually it appeared the real disaster, almost insoluble problem and serious danger.

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